The Solar Eclipse Mailing List (SEML) and before the Solar Eclipse Newsletter (SENL) had been successful as a vehicle in bringing together solar eclipse enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs alike.

The Solar Eclipse Conference in Antwerp (SEC 2000), October 2000, was an extension of the electronic contacts and was for sure a success. In two days over 35 lectures had been presented to 155 participants from 22 different countries. The Solar Eclipse Conference is repeated at non-central eclipse years.

The international Solar Eclipse Conference of 2004 (SEC 2004) was held in August 2004 at the Open University of Milton Keynes, England. SEC 2004 had 115 delegates out of 20 different countries.

The last international Solar Eclipse Conference (SEC 2007) was held in August 2007 at the renovated Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, USA. Close to 200 attendees came. During the SEC 2007, Patrick and Joanne Poitevin, the organizers of the first three SECs, decided to leave the organization of the next SEC to others.

The next international Solar Eclipse Conference (SEC 2011) will be held in New Delhi, India. The program starts Thursday 15 December 2011 morning and will end Saturday 17 December 2011 late afternoon. As an additional reason to come, don’t forget that there will be a total lunar eclipse on December 10 : visible from India, throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the western Pacific Ocean.

This fourth conference is organized by SPACE in succession to the successful Solar Eclipse Workshop (SEW 2009) organized two years ago.

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