ECa is a forum that brings together astronomers and eclipse chasers to facilitate discussion and planning for viewing eclipses. ECa made significant contributions by providing technical guidance for an eclipse viewing flight during the Total Solar Eclipse in July 2009.

Eclipse Chasers Athenaeum, the eclipse sphere of SPACE, (as we say it), has been formed with an intention to provide a platform to all eclipse lovers where they can pursue their dream of being under the lunar shadow, no matter where it is happening.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page”, quotes Xavier Jubier, the famous eclipse chaser and adventurer. He decided to view annular solar eclipse of 7th February, 2008 from atop Vinson Massif, whose summit (16,062 feet or 4,897 meters) is the highest in Antarctica.

Do you know that in the year 2012 a total solar eclipse is happening in Australia? Also the century's last Venus Transit and the last opportunity for the all of us alive today to view Venus cross the disc of the sun? How will the weather be like on the day of these event? Where should you exactly place yourself to have the best view of this grand spectacle? When is the next total solar eclipse happening in India? Eclipse Chasers Athenaeum offers answers to all the questions on your mind about eclipses.

Eclipse Chasers Atheneaum has been formed to facilitate Eclipse Chasers. When is the next eclipse over North Pole? How will the weather be on the day of the greatest eclipse of 21st century? Where should I station myself for the 2017 totality? All these questions can be easily answered in the Athenaeum online forum. Specially prepared texts (hard copies) will be mailed or made available to Athenaeum members for all upcoming eclipses much in advance. So your travel plans could start months before. Or if you wish to be an armchair eclipse chaser, an exclusive streaming website dedicated for Atheneaum members only, unlimited bandwidth, no jamming of website, real time streaming for your seeing pleasure.

Not only this, ECa also facilitates eclipse tours exclusively for members to travel under the shadow of the Moon. In 2006, we took a group of eclipse chasers to Turkey for the Total Solar Eclipse and for the totality of 2008; we were in Novosibirsk, Russia along with other ecliptomaniacs. After the successful conduction of the International Solar Eclipse Workshop in New Delhi, we had famous eclipse chasers from India and abroad including NASA, as the advisory board members.

Eclipse Chasers Athenaeum welcomes all umbraphiles, astro-photographers, travelers, and adventurers to get involved and work together towards on extensive planning for the future upcoming eclipses, solar and lunar both. For those, who do not fall under these categories of people, but still have that secret love for eclipses can still be an armchair viewer. The Athenaeum webcasts all the eclipses direct to your homes.

How exhilarating it is to follow stars, Sit under the Copper Moon in alluring lands far-off, Travel miles to keep our tryst with the Dark Sun… Don’t you think it’s such a fun!!

If yes, join the Eclipse Chasers Athenaeum and see the world! And not just the world, see beyond it!

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