SPACE is a group that is popularizing Science, Astronomy and Space Sciences to the public, for more than a decade. It has changed the way, the concept and its business and philanthropic connotations are perceived. It is a Social Business that strives to make astronomy a commercially viable business while all the time contributing to the society.

SPACE Group was formed in 2001, with the aim of changing the face of Science Education in India through path-breaking and innovative concepts, services and programs. The goal was to popularise and spread Astronomy and Space Sciences amongst the Indian masses, especially children. Sachin Bahmba, Chairman and Managing Director of SPACE Group started the pioneering effort to bring about a change in the way science
and astronomy was perceived and taught. Astronomy and science have the scope to intrigue the minds of all,
regardless of age and SPACE Group is the pioneer organization taking it to its highest business potential. SPACE Group offers a wide range of products and services ranging from recreational science solutions, skill
development workshops, stress management, educational, astrotourism and other customised services for clients.

Our Services :

Education: SPACE runs various activities and programs in schools like Centre for Student Excellence in Astronomy and Space Science, SPACE clubs and regular astronomy based Workshops. SPACE conducts science training for teachers in various government and non - government institutions to introduce hands-on activities and tools to the teachers for middle level studies.

Tourism: Astro-tourism is a concept designed to integrate Tourism with Astronomy and Science Activities. SPACE organizes tours for students to Space Camps (NASA and other Space agencies), Astronomy Camps (outdoor camps with astronomy activities), Observatories Study Tours (in India and Abroad), Event Based Tourism (Eclipse Chasing etc.), Space Clubs at Resorts & Hotels, Star Parties, Workshops (Astrophotography, telescope making etc.), Fun Science Games and Activities and Life Skill and Stress Management Packages.

Retail Gnomon Astrotech Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and delivers products like Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Optical Accessories, Mounts, Cleaning Supplies, Books & Stationary, Games & Toys, Photography Aids,
Night Vision Equipments, Mobile and Fixed Planetariums. SPACE Arcade is our flagship retail outlet which has been successfully running since January, 2010.

Philanthropy :SPACE Foundation, Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators is an NGO, founded in 2001, with the goal of popularising science via Astronomy and Space Sciences. This organisation targets the public, the media and the students. SPACE Foundation works to empower and enrich lives by creating job opportunities and entrepreneurial opportunities for the common man in these domains.

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