Solar Eclipse Conference 2011

The Solar Eclipse Conference (SEC India), celebrates the pursuit of mankind to unravel the phenomenon of Solar Eclipses one at a time, and chase the umbral shadow across the surface of the Earth.

The Conference provides a common platform for:

  • Travel Enthusiasts;
  • Avid Photographers;
  • Those who value Scientific Research and Recordings;
  • Those who like to delve in the history of this event and understand the cultural implications;
  • Those who want to create awareness among the people by demystifying this phenomenon;
  • Finally, for those who simply want to participate for the sheer joy of witnessing this event.

The agenda of the conference is spread over three intensive days that will cover Travel, Education, Research, Science, Culture, Mythologies, Public Outreach, Pro-Am linking and Student learning possibilities.

Many of you have already registered for this Conference; if not please refer to the details below about the SEC India and register yourself before 10 November 2011. For more Conference related details, click on the links below:

Conference Details  
Posters and Photography - New  
Tours and Excursions  
Travel Advisory  
General Instructions  

SPACE would be pleased to assist you in planning your travel and attending to your logistics requirements before and during your stay in India. For any such assistance or query, 
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